Here’s the CBG Benefits vs CBN Benefits Countdown

CBG benefits vs CBN benefits

Posted on December 22nd, 2021

Before we explore CBG benefits vs CBN benefits, we’ve got to clear something up. Cannabis’ potential health benefits are often overlooked because of the plant’s intoxicating nature. But, today, we can isolate specific compounds within the plant that may heal our bodies. (Without causing intoxication.) Because cannabis contains so many chemicals beyond THC, there are many legal ways you can enjoy cannabis extracts.

In 2018, the government passed the Agricultural Improvement Act. This made it legal to grow hemp in all 50 states. As a result, selling CBD oil is legal in most of the United States. And, with its rise in popularity, manufacturers are finding new cannabinoids to extract for our use. And here are two that recently entered the spotlight. So we’ll look at CBG benefits vs CBN Benefits.

CBG Benefits CBG benefits vs CBN benefits

CBG extracts can be quite expensive since cannabis plants contain only trace amounts of this cannabinoid. In fact, it only represents 1%, of all the compounds in cannabis. And that’s why it’s far pricier than many CBD products.

Still, CBG Oil may offer superior relief for some conditions. Here are some important facts to know. First, it comes with almost no psychedelic effects. Second, it may help you manage anxiety and depression since it connects well receptors in your brain. Finally, CBG’s influence may help those who struggle to fall asleep, even allowing you to maintain a longer rest time.

Other CBG Uses

In alternative medicine, some users say that CBG helps alleviate strep throat. How could that be? Early research suggests that CBG has antibacterial properties, which may help you fight certain conditions. But, since untreated strep throat can cause serious medical complications, you should always follow the advice of your licensed medical provider. So, before adding CBG to your routine, make sure your caregiver is ok with this course of action.

Aside from its antibacterial tendencies, this cannabinoid could help you manage a condition called glaucoma. (This is a common vision disorder, especially for people with diabetes.) Put simply, glaucoma develops with increasing pressure around the optic nerve. If you take CBG, it may interact with your endocannabinoid system‘s (ECS) receptors, helping reduce this pressure. This may leave you with better eyesight for a longer time by slowing glaucoma progression. But you should see your ophthalmologist regularly when you have this condition.

Neurologic Benefits

Another example of CBG benefits vs CBN benefits? Well, consuming CBG may slow progression in dopamine such as Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease.  Additionally, taking this cannabinoid may help you avoid or overcome an opiod pain killer addiction. Did you injure your knee a few years back? Muscle damage that doesn’t heal all the way can come at a toll as we desperately try to relax the muscle with prescription and over-the-counter medication. Instead, you may prefer a natural alternative. And CBG appears to act as a natural muscle relaxer.

Which Cannabis Extracts Get you High? CBN And Sleep

Now, CBN has many similar benefits to CBG. But, when looking at CBG Vs CBN Benefits, you should note that the latter delivers more psychoactive effects. While it won’t get you high as THC does, you may notice mild sedation or intoxication. And that’s why many users choose CBN for sleep and anxiety.

This cannabinoid also displays anti-inflammatory properties. For that reason, you may find relief for anything from arthritis pain to autoimmune diseases such as lupus.

Now, at one point, people who suffered from anorexia were treated with marijuana. The thinking at the time? THC increases appetite, giving you a case of the munchies, so people hoped it would help people with eating disorders.

Now, this was never approved as an anorexia drug on a national scale. And that’s because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. Plus, it’s likely to cause great psychedelic effects. Instead, since CBN’s psychedelic effects of CBN are milder, but this cannabinoid can still give you the munchies, it may be a safer alternative for anyone who simply can’t work up a healthy appetite.

And remember, anorexia is a serious mental health condition, and may be the result of other conditions. So, since CBN may help you manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, it may help you manage depression-induced anorexia while balancing your mood. Finally, CBN may be more affordable than CBG. So it may be more accessible to a broader group of individuals.

CBG Benefits VS CBN Benefits

When considering CBG benefits VS CBN benefits, you should really pick the cannabinoid that could best help your specific concerns. If you suffer from stress and insomnia, either cannabinoid should help. So feel free to choose whichever you prefer.

On the other hand, if you are living with anorexia or insomnia, CBN may be a better choice for your needs. Or, if you’re a diabetic facing the threat of glaucoma, making a heavier investment in CBG oil could make sense. (Remember, it may offset glaucoma’s optic nerve stress. And early research suggests it may even help prevent disease development.)

Here’s the best news. Once, it was nearly impossible to choose between CBG benefits vs CBN benefits, because you couldn’t source either product. But, today, it’s much easier to find these products online. Most stores still only carry CBD oil or possibly Delta 8 or 9, if you live in a state where it’s legalized. Plus, many of these products are now available in tasty gummy form, so you can enjoy a delicious treat while carefully controlling your dose size.

When comparing CBG benefits vs CBN benefits, we find a lot of similarities in terms of their abilities to offer pain relief. But it’s important to keep in mind that CBG may be better for relieving muscle pain. But CBN could be a better choice for relieving the joint pain that comes from arthritis.

Whichever cannabinoid you hope to try, discuss all options with your doctor. One may be better for you than another. Or, you may need prescription medication instead to address your condition. Don’t give your child either extract without permission from a doctor. (This is especially true with CBN since it carries more psychedelic properties then many other cannabis extracts on the market.)  Finally, if you want to combine the benefits of both CBG and CBN, consider one of Tanasi’s full-spectrum hemp extracts. Because, that way, you can benefit from CBG and CBN together, along with other cannabinoids and terpenes!

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