Does CBD Oil Expire: Important Facts You Need to Know

Does CBD Oil Expire? - the firdge is one of the best places to store CBD for it not to expire too soon

Posted on November 10th, 2021

Nothing in this world lasts forever, and your CBD oil is not an exception. It will expire sooner or later, but what is the average shelf life of CBD oil and how can you tell whether the CBD oil has expired or not?

There is only one answer to the question, does CBD oil expire? And it’s yes, it does after a year or two. But there are a few factors that can ensure that the CBD oil lasts for a few more months than usual.

Factors that determine CBD oil shelf life  Does CBD Oil Expire?

The longevity of your CBD oil depends on a few factors, such as its core ingredients, overall quality, extraction method, and how you store the bottle. Here’s how each of these factors determines how long your CBD oil will last.

1. Quality

The better the quality of the oil, the longer it will last. CBD oil usually has a shelf life of 12 to 18 months. Sometimes, high-quality CBD oil may last for 24 months. However, that depends on the quality of the CBD used and its extraction method. Therefore, the quality of CBD, along with its extraction process and ingredients play a crucial role in the shelf life of your CBD oil.

2. Extraction process

The CO2 method is the best in the business as it provides the cleanest and purest CBD extract from the cannabis plant. This method ensures that the CBD oil extracted delivers the promised results. That’s why manufacturers who use the carbon dioxide method call their products full-spectrum CBD items. It allows all the CBD compounds to remain stable for a long period, thus ensuring that the shelf life of the oil is more than other extraction methods.

3. Ingredients

Each ingredient used in making CBD oil has its own shelf life. Therefore, if one of the ingredients starts to deteriorate, it may impact the overall shelf life of the oil. It’s better to go through the product’s Certificate of Analysis before you buy the oil to make sure that the oil lasts for a long period as promised.

4. Storage

How you store CBD oil also determines how long it will last. For example, CBD oil deteriorates in light and heat. You should always keep it in a cool and dry place. Don’t leave it on the window seal of your room. Otherwise, you may not enjoy the benefits of the oil for the desired period.

Even though the best CBD oil lasts for two years, it will eventually expire. However, it’s possible to extend the oil’s shelf life by taking a few preventative measures. But before knowing the preventative measures, it’s essential to figure out how to understand that the CBD oil has expired.

How can you tell if CBD oil has expired?

Most bottles come with an expiration date on the label. That should give you an idea of when the oil may start to deteriorate. But what if you don’t find the expiration date on the label? How do you tell whether the CBD oil has expired? Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind to know if your CBD oil is still good and you can use it.

• Smell

When someone asks you does CBD oil expire and how to find out, you should ask them to check its smell. Expired CBD smells skunky. You will notice a pungent smell like a rotten potato as soon as you open the bottle. Brand-new CBD oil smells fresh and has an earthy fragrance. The smell slowly disintegrates over time and becomes pungent.

• Consistency

CBD oil has a smooth texture. You will not notice any lumps when you pour it. But expired CBD becomes thick and murky. That doesn’t mean you will throw away CBD that looks cloudy from the outside. Sometimes, when you keep the oil in a cool place, it freezes. That gives a cloudy look. Keep the bottle at room temperature for a few minutes and then check whether it’s still thick and murky or not. CBD loses its consistency if the shelf life of one of its ingredients comes to an end.

• Taste

CBD oil has an earthy, grassy, and nutty taste unless it contains artificial flavors. Even if your CBD oil doesn’t have artificial flavors, you will still be able to understand if the oil tastes off or not. Just take a drop of oil and taste it. Does it taste the way it used to when you first bought it? If it doesn’t, it is probably stale and you shouldn’t use the oil anymore.

What if you consume expired CBD oil? Does CBD Oil Expire? - the firdge is one of the best places to store CBD for it not to expire too soon

Most people who search for does CBD oil expire also want to know whether it’s harmful to consume expired CBD oil. Well, there is still no report about the side effects of consuming expired CBD oil, but the oil wouldn’t provide the health benefits that it’s known for. Although there are no side effects, it’s better not to consume expired CBD oil. If you notice that the CBD oil has become dark brown and smells like a rotten potato, you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

Read the instructions label on the bottle before buying or consuming CBD oil. The manufacturer should provide a manufacturing date and an expiry date. Some manufacturers provide a “best before” period instead of mentioning the expiry date. Taking small doses of CBD oil may make the bottle last long, but you should keep an eye on the consistency, taste, and smell of the oil once the expiry date starts to close in.

FAQs on CBD oil expiration date

Q: Will expired CBD make me sick?

A: Since there are still no recorded side effects of expired CBD, it’s not possible to say for sure whether you may fall sick or not. You may feel nauseous or have gastrointestinal reactions if you consume expired CBD oil, but it’s not something that will happen to everyone. There aren’t enough reports that indicate whether expired CBD makes people sick.

Q: Should I refrigerate CBD to increase its shelf life?

A: You don’t need to refrigerate CBD oil to increase its shelf life. Refrigerating the oil would make it cloudy. You would need to leave the bottle at room temperature for a few minutes before using it. Just make sure that you don’t expose the oil to heat and sunlight. Some of the hemp compounds in CBD oil can’t tolerate heat and light and may deteriorate within a few days, thus making the oil bad.

Q: How can I extend my CBD oil’s shelf life?

A: CBD oil usually lasts for a maximum of two years, but it can deteriorate if you don’t store it properly. The best way to extend your CBD oil’s life is to keep it in a cool and dry place. Just make sure that you don’t keep it in a place that gets direct sunlight or is too hot. Sunlight can destroy the effects of various ingredients in CBD oil. On the other hand, heat can deteriorate the substrates in the oil and reduce its shelf life.

Q: How does high-quality CBD oil look?

A: High-quality CBD oil has a rich amber color and smells nutty. It has a smooth consistency and doesn’t have lumps. Only expired CBD oil has a rancid smell.

The next time anyone asks does CBD oil expire, you already know what to say. You should not only talk about the oil’s average shelf life but also explain the reasons why the oil may go bad.

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