Your Questions About CBD Salve For Nerve Pain? Answered!

CBD Salve for Nerve Pain

Posted on October 7th, 2021

Some people live with the daily challenge of nerve pain. And CBD salves may ease the pain and help you get back on your feet. Here, we’ll cover some frequently asked questions about cbd for nerve pain. It should help you decide whether to use or not to use this product:

1. What are CBD Salves? CBD Salve for Nerve Pain

CBD Salves are topical creams that contain CBD, or cannabidiol. These are made with cannabis extract; they’re often used for targeted pain relief. Why is that the case? Cannabinoids like CBD have anti-inflammatory properties that may relieve pain. And, when effective, they provide a non-addictive alternative to opioids like hydrocodone.

CBD salve for nerve pain may target your symptoms without prescription medication. Plus, using this product could offer additional benefits. These include reduced inflammation and anxiety/depression symptoms, plus muscle and joint pain relief, and help for muscle spasms.

2. How Do Salves Work?

CBD may relieve neuropathy and sciatica. It seems to act on your internal nerve receptors, restoring balance in the neurotransmitters that affect how you experience pain.

But why are CBD salves the best delivery method choice? Well, they work because they act on the endocannabinoid receptors in your skin cells, your body’s second-largest organ. This allows for faster effects and easy absorption, a combination that can make your CBD more effective.

3. Why Should You Use CBD Salve For Nerve Pain

CBD salves work by blocking the signals in your nervous system that cause you pain. Plus, you can apply salves directly to the affected area. So you may experience both targeted and systemic relief. Salves also enter your system quickly, because they’re absorbed through your skin. This means it’s one of the quickest CBD application options.

4. Precautions when using CBD Salves

CBD salves are generally considered safe, but there is always a chance of an allergic reaction. If you notice any redness or burning sensations on your skin, wash the area with soap and water immediately. These reactions could indicate an allergy to an included salve ingredient.

Not sure how you’ll react to a salve? Try performing a simple patch test. First, apply a small amount of salve to your inner arm. Next cover it with an adhesive bandage, and wait for a couple of hours. If you don’t react in that time frame, then you are most likely not allergic. Notice any skim changes? Stop using the product immediately and talk to your healthcare professional.

Also, don’t think that you can safely use CBD salves with all medications.  This is not true. In fact, we’ve seen reports of dangerous reactions from people who took certain prescription drugs along with CBD salves. (This is especially true if your medication comes with a grapefruit warning.) To be safe, always check with your doctor before taking any new medication while using CBD salve. And check out the important information about cannabidiol and prescription drugs below.

Cannabidiol, Your Liver, and Prescription Drugs

CBD inhibits the liver enzyme CYP3A4, which in turn slows down how quickly your body metabolizes certain drugs. For that reason, taking medications and CBD at the same time could impact your dose. This could lead to under or overdosing on important medicines, impacting control over chronic conditions.

5. How Long Will the Effects Last?

The effects of most CBD salves last between four to six hours. If you take a higher dose, it may last for up to eight hours. Once applied, a CBD salve takes approximately five to 15 minutes to start showing its effects. You may have to experiment around with the salve application process to find out the amount that suits your needs most.

6. Can You Apply CBD Salve Everyday For Nerve Pain?

You can apply CBD salve every day for nerve pain, but some don’t need to do so. CBD can have a cumulative effect. And that means, the more regularly you use this product, the better your body will adjust to its effects and benefits. After finding their best routine, many people only apply when nerve pain pops up.

7. What’s the best CBD salve for nerve pain?

There are a few factors to consider when looking for your best CBD product. After all, the best product for you may vary depending on your primary needs, and the severity of your condition.

For instance, do you want fast-acting or long-lasting effects? Do you want a product to penetrate deep into your skin or address surface conditions on your skin? Do you help with inflammation and soreness? These questions will let you narrow down your product search.

8. Is it Safe to Use On Your Joints? CBD And Nerve Pain - sciatica nerve pain in an elderly man

Sometimes, nerve pain can be partnered with muscle and joint pain too. Fortunately, CBD salve is a safe and effective way to address these concerns. But, as with other topical products, ointments, and salves, don’t use this product on open wounds or broken skin.  The included beeswax could clog up pores in areas where you have no hair follicles.

9. Can You Take CBD Both Topically And Orally?

This is definitely something that needs more research, but it’s possible. The topical application of cannabinoids has been found to have promising results in the treatment of various skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, and nerve pain relief. If you’re taking it sublingually or in a gel capsule, make sure that you adjust your dose and use both products at different times of the day.

Nerve pain is not something that can be easily ignored or treated. It’s important to have a medical plan of action in place when you start feeling the symptoms so you don’t miss out on your daily tasks. CBD salve is one option for relief, as it can help numb nerve endings and provide temporary relief from inflammation, without having to worry about psychoactive side effects. It offers quick and fast-acting pain and inflammation relief compared to OTC medications and products. However, it is always recommended that you seek your doctor’s advice for a long-term medical plan of action to help you address the root cause of your nerve pain.

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