A Deep Look Into CBD Tincture

CBD tincture

Posted on June 11th, 2021

You may have heard of CBD, but do you really know what a CBD tincture is? In recent years, lots of people turned to CBD to improve their wellbeing and health. From helping them combat anxiety, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder, to managing arthritis pain management, they’ve found lots of uses for this cannabinoid.

Now, with so many different uses CBD also comes in many forms. And one of the most popular is the CBD tincture. Want to try it out? We’re here to help. In this read, we’ll take a deep dive into CBD tinctures: what they are and why you’d take this form of CBD. So just keep reading to learn more!

What’s Inside a CBD Tincture? CBd tincture

The word tincture refers to any medication stored in alcohol. So CBD tinctures are concentrated CBD extracts stored in alcohol.

All tinctures have a long shelf life, ranging between 3 to 5 years. And CBD tinctures are more stable, lasting longer in storage compared to other forms of CBD oil.

How Do You Make A CBD Tincture?

Traditionally, we made tinctures by steeping plants in alcohol for several weeks. The resulting liquid formed the concentrated solution containing the herb contents.

In this regard, making CBD tinctures involved steeping high-grade CBD hemp strains in 60 to 70 percent alcohol for several weeks. In other words, tinctures are made using an ethanol extraction process. During that time, the alcohol (or alcohol-water mixture) extracts CBD from hemp buds and flowers, creating a highly concreted CBD alcohol or CBD alcohol-water mixture.

Then, some tincture processors add ingredients such as sweeteners. That’s to make your end product taste better. Additionally, some manufactures add essential oils to enhance their products’ potential health benefits. Some of the common oils added to tinctures include cinnamon and peppermint oil. But your tincture additives will depend on the specific manufacturer preference and purpose.

Today, you don’t have to use ethanol extraction to make CBD tinctures. Instead, you can steep hemp buds and flowers in plant-based oils like grapeseed oil. These types of CBD tinctures offer a healthier alternative. And has increased this CBD form’s popularity.

Advantages Of CBD Tinctures

#1. Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the rate and extent to which the active compound, in this case, CBD, enters your bloodstream to interact with your endocannabinoid system. Bioavailability is associated with pharmacokinetics. And pharmacokinetics refers to your body’s total mechanisms for absorption and elimination of compounds. It also encompasses CBD’s characteristics, and any external factors that can help or hurt your ability to absorb CBD. Every intake method has its own bioavailability, depending your delivery method.

With tinctures, CBD is typically administered through your mouth and under your tongue. (Called sublingual delivery, this method delivers CBD into your bloodstream by placing a few drops of CBD tincture under your tongue. There, your mucosal membrane absorbs the CBD. And any other terpenes and cannabinoids in the tincture.)

If you hold your tincture drops under your tongue for a minute or two before swallowing , you’ll see faster results. That’s because you’ll speed up absorption, by helping CBD bypass your digestive tract and go straight to your bloodstream. Crucially, sublingual absorption of CBD makes your effects last longer. And your peak absorption level should hit  2 hours after taking your CBD tincture drops.

One important note: you can’t absorb CBD tinctures through your skin. As such, don’t try to topically apply your tincture. Especially since any suspended alcohol could irritate your skin.

#2. Cost-Effective Extraction

When you make CBD tincture using the ethanol extraction process, it’s highly cost-effective. Because all you need is ethanol and moderate heat. So, while the process takes longer, it also requires less energy input and fewer ingredients.

#3. CBD Tinctures Have High Purity And Potency

The extraction process produces high-quality CBD products. The only inputs during processing are ethanol and sometimes water. As such, tinctures shouldn’t contain toxins, something that’s essential for your wellness as a consumer.

Also, ethanol extraction lets processors control heat input. And, by controlling the heat during the steeping process, you also control the potency of your final product. Because increasing the heat input reduces the strength of your final products. Even as it minimizes the processing time.

Conversely, using lower heat increases your tincture potency. But it increases the time it takes to complete the processing. Luckily, manufacturers can make many different choices. And, when they do, you’ll see different potency levels and price points. All of which gives you, the customer, access to a range of products to suit your needs, price, and range of uses.

#4. Easier To Handle

Tinctures are easy to handle. You won’t need any special gear or accessories to enjoy a tincture. They’re sold already packaged in a dropper-style bottle. And the dropper makes it easier to count the number of drops you consume. And to control your desired dose, every time you use your tincture.

Also, when your CBD is suspended in alcohol, the resulting tincture is far more stable to store. That means your product won’t turn rancid within months of production. Instead, the alcohol compound preserves the CBD compounds and all the other cannabinoids. So that you can enjoy a potent, powerful product for years after your purchase.

Guide To Sublingual CBD Dosing Vape CBD Oil Vs Sublingual Use - sublingual consumption of CBD

In some ways, using a CBD tincture is a pretty self-evident process. After all, it comes packaged with a dropper, right? So dosing has to involve that feature. And it does, but the process if a bit more complicated. Don’t worry, though: we’ll break it down for you!

First, load the dropper with your desired tincture note. Check the packaging on your product to know your best dose. It should offer guidelines that explain the active CBD dose by tincture volume.

Once you’re all measured up, it’s time to get started. Now, drop the tincture under your tongue. For best results, you should wait for up to 2 minutes while holding the drop in place. Then, swish any remaining liquid around your mouth. Finally, you can swallow any leftover tincture drops.

Now you know how to take your CBD tincture. But you might need some extra guidance on what your ideal CBD dose should be for the best effects. So here are some guidelines to consider.

  • – Your weight
  • – Your body chemistry
  • – Your desired results
  • – The potency of your CBD tincture.

As you can appreciate, there is no universal dosage when it comes to CBD. So, before you start taking CBD tinctures, you should consult with your doctor, especially if you take medication that already contains CBD, such as Epidiolex.

Beginner’s CBD Dosing Guide

Once you’ve got your doctor’s go-ahead, start small and gradually increase your dosage. Generally, you can calculate your dosage based on your weight. If you are looking for a mild effect, take 1 mg of CBD for every 10 lbs of weight. For medium strength, take 3 mg of CBD per 10 lbs of weight, and for high strength, take 6 mg of CBD for 10 pounds of weight.

Alternatively, start with 2 to 5 mg per day and increase your dosage until you get the desired. Remember, that dose will also vary based on the conditions you’re hoping to manage by taking CBD. So if you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, sleep, or depression, your dose may be larger than someone who just wants a natural supplement.

DIY CBD Tincture Recipe

The good thing about making a CBD tincture is how easy it is to do it yourself. So, if you want to try creating homemade tincture, you can simply make your own using this recipe:


  • 1/4 ounce of high-grade hemp flower
  • Parchment paper
  • Mesh strainer
  • Cheesecloth
  • High-proof alcohol
  • Bowl
  • Baking sheet,
  • Glass jar with lid, and
  • Glass bottle with dropper lid


Step #1: Grind the flower into smaller pieces before loading it into the oven. Decarboxylate the hemp flower by preheating it in the oven at 240 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes. This is how you’ll activate the CBD. And you’ll know your done when the flower turns golden brown.

Step #2. Put your hemp flower in the glass jar and cover completely with high-proof alcohol. Seal the jar and shake vigorously. After that, place the jar in a cool, dry, dark place. You can store it there for up to a month. Over the course of that month, you should shake the jar at regular intervals. That way, you can make sure your flower material stays submerged.

Step #3: After a month, go and get your jar out of storage. Now, cover the jar with cheesecloth and turn it over the mesh strainer. This will let you separate your flower material from the infusion.

Step #4: Add the tincture to a 1 oz. glass jar with a dropper lid. Store the rest of the tincture in a cool dark place for later use.

Don’t have a month to wait until you get your hands on that CBD tincture? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Simply browse through our selection of sublingual CBD products, and get your perfect choice delivered to your door. All in a few days!

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