7 Simple Reasons to Go Hiking with Dogs


Posted on February 26th, 2020

Want to know why seasonal affect disorder (SAD) is such a big deal? Because when the weather is cold, people can’t get outside in the fresh air. And, as it turns out, exploring the great outdoors is critical for human wellbeing. But, did you know that it’s also important for dogs? Yep, both two-and-four legged friends get crucial benefits from exercising outdoors. And that’s why we want you to get hiking, and bring your dogs along for the journey. Hiking with dogs can be fun! 

Hiking with Pets: A Mental and Physical Boost for All

Here’s the deal: exercising is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Getting outdoors is critical for mental health. Put the two together, and you’ve got these seven reasons why hiking with dogs may just be the smartest thing you can do: 

  1. It’s a stress reliever. If you’re stuck in an urban jungle, or even in the suburbs, the daily routine of cars, work and recycled air can be stressful—for you and your pooch. But when you hit the hiking trail, all that noise fades away, making room for calm, quiet moments. Plus, in those moments, you and your dog can truly bond, without the distractions of your daily routine. Especially—cough, cough—if you keep that phone tucked away in your backpack.
  2. You’ll both get in shape. Sure, you could hit the treadmill for hours, or even take your pet for a long walk. But the great outdoors provides a whole host of natural challenges that push you both to work harder. Hills make you adapt to elevation; rocks on the trail challenge your balance—as does the constant recalibration you and your pet must do simply while walking on a trail. It’s a super-challenging workout that doesn’t let you back down.
  3. You’re less likely to get sick. Staying in shape is extremely important for humans and dogs. Why? Packing on pounds increases both human and canine risk for heart attacks, diabetes, arthritis and other conditions. So extra exercise is a crucial way to avoid bad outcomes.
  4. It’s like puppy training for your pet. Any dog expert can tell you that bored dogs act out. But getting your dog outdoors challenges him or her with a wealth of sights, smells and entirely new sounds. For that reason, hiking can help curb your pet’s destructive at-home behavior. It may calm down a high-strung pup (say you’re welcome to the mail carrier) and reduce aggressive pet behaviors. All without the cost of hiring a behavioral specialist!
  5. It’s FREE. About that cost: hiking is the always-affordable gym alternative. You may have to put some extra gas in your tank to reach the trail. You may have to pay a park entry fee. But that’s it. So why wouldn’t you put monthly membership fees or costly indoor doggie parks in your rearview mirror?
  6. You’ll score a natural high. Humans and animals experience an endorphin rush when they exercise, and endorphins are the hormones responsible for making you feel happy. Plus, when you’re in the great outdoors, there’s big sky and plenty of trees. And research suggests that the colors (blue and green) have a positive impact on canines and people: green helps soothe and refresh you, while blue has a calming effect. 

Embrace and Supplement the Hiker’s Calm

We promised you seven reasons, but so far, only delivered six. So, here’s the seventh: hiking with dogs is a great way to calm down and de-stress. It’s also a great time to enhance your experience by using high quality, cannabidiol (CBD) products. Are you ready to hit the trail? Just brush up on your motivations, buy CBD from Tanasi.com, and get ready to start reaping all the benefits—for you and your dog. 


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